Friday, May 6, 2011

Uses for packing peanuts

So I read this article today about what to do with your leftover packing peanuts, I just assumed it would be a good read and give me some grand ideas, I think a man wrote it!

"Fridge Magnets: Glue packing peanuts on magnets and use with push pins to tack the grocery list and other notes to the door of the fridge."
Me -I say, why not just use the magnet to attach the note and leave the packing peanuts in the box. 

"Deck the Halls: String up multi-colored packing peanuts instead of old-fashioned popcorn and cranberries for some festive yuletide decorations." 
Me -Not at my house!

"Floating Key Chain: Thread a few packing peanuts on your key chain if you're going boating or to the beach."
Me -Maybe don't cause your friends will laugh at you!

So there you go, packing peanuts are meant for packing, only!

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