Monday, December 13, 2010


It's the end of the volleyball season as we know it, Laney's Bulldogs lost (to the best team in the division by the way) with a smile on their face. If the scoreboard hadn't needed to be reset 3 times and they gave the other team extra points, and if the other team didn't have 2 awesome servers (and I mean awesome) and if the stars were aligned correctly, then we would have made it to the playoffs.

Don't be worried Delaney that it was your fault that you couldn't return those serves, how could you. You played so well this season, you learned a lot too, you did your best. Thank you Molly for being such a great coach! We had fun!!

Amendment to previous post!
Coach Molly called with a smile in her voice and I knew what that meant. We made it to the playoffs, Thursday @5:30, I'll keep you posted.

We won the first game and lost the second, that brought the Bullsdogs to 4th place!
What a night, so much fun.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving pictures!

Here are pictures of my lovely family, we used my dear friend Devon from Blon D Photography and I think she did an outstanding job, what do you think sista?