Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free downloads

I want all of you to see some really cute labels from Lovely Design, she is so talented and you should check out her blog below, thanks all of you fabulous crafty bloggers for sharing your talents with us! I know they're christmas but won't I be happy when I open my christmas wrap box and find these little beauties (and many more) waiting for me. This year I found a christmas table cloth that I got for a steal at Target, forgot all about it until I opened by boxes. Love that!

Help, I could spend hours just blog surfing! I have found myself doing exactly that today, my favorite thing is to find downloadable labels to print and punch out with my ever growing collections of punches. My fav's are by Creature Comforts, I just found some that come with pillow box patterns at Daisy Janie and so many cute downloads at Miss Cutie Pie Goes 80's and Lovely Design. I could go on and on but surf around yourself and see what you come up with.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woof, woof!

I would like to officially introduce you to Micki Bear McKenzie, isn't he cute!!! He's an 11 week old standard poodle and he's learning to use the backyard for his business, he's gotten really good at it. I was nearly out of my mind a few weeks ago, let me tell you, I can still see new carpeting in my future though and let's not mention how he drags my dirty laundry outside through his doggy door... We love him!

This is what I did today, Delaney and I took a short ride over to the newest Cafe Rio, and what a thrill it was! How nice to have one close to us, it feels so Utah to me. I had the chicken salad with no rice, but they put it on anyway (I wasn't quick enough) or taco strips, but I did get a great big tortilla, chicken, lettuce, pico, black beans, cilantro, and more pico and their house dressing mmmmmmm, so good. We brought our friend Julie along to show her how they make Mexican food in Utah, I think she learned a thing or two! Oh, did I mention we shared the tres leche cake, oh my goodness!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Button bracelets

How do you like this little beauty? I think the project was great fun, all the girls left with a new button bracelet and so did I. So easy to make with stretchy thread and leftover buttons, I just googled it and found a few tutorials online. We decided they were cute enough to be from Anthropologie!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So many crafts, so little time...

I was looking for a jewelry craft to do with the girls at church, I think I found it on Little Miss Momma!
I'll tell you how they turn out.
Don't you just love it, here are the directions.
But wait, I was also thinking of doing button bracelets, hmmmm!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The last week of December

My cute kids with their cousin on Christmas morning.
My homemade rolls, not bad huh?
Thank you Kaye for the lovely Christmas centerpiece.
One of my "finds" while browsing the internet.

The last week of December is generally called Christmas. My kids came to town, my family came to town and Santa came to town...problem is, it all happened so fast and then, it was over!
The preparation was fun though, I found some cute holiday decorations on my favorite blogs and have grand ideas for next year, will someone remind me what those grand ideas are before next Christmas!? It rained and rained and my company froze (which is what they usually do when they come to sunny California in December) but we had fun, we saw 5 movies and just enjoyed being together.