Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free downloads

I want all of you to see some really cute labels from Lovely Design, she is so talented and you should check out her blog below, thanks all of you fabulous crafty bloggers for sharing your talents with us! I know they're christmas but won't I be happy when I open my christmas wrap box and find these little beauties (and many more) waiting for me. This year I found a christmas table cloth that I got for a steal at Target, forgot all about it until I opened by boxes. Love that!

Help, I could spend hours just blog surfing! I have found myself doing exactly that today, my favorite thing is to find downloadable labels to print and punch out with my ever growing collections of punches. My fav's are by Creature Comforts, I just found some that come with pillow box patterns at Daisy Janie and so many cute downloads at Miss Cutie Pie Goes 80's and Lovely Design. I could go on and on but surf around yourself and see what you come up with.

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