Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby Sandals and more!

I'm afraid I've lost all blog friends! 
 I've been away so long with no good excuse, but excuse me none the less.

I've been blog stalking, looking for cute "baby" things for an arrival in July!

One think I'm gong to make is a chevron afghan, I remember one just like it
hanging over the back of my dads lounge chair.  So when my daughter asked me
to crochet one for her I was thrilled.

I offered to find a pattern for some of these cute toe sandals.
Lets hope it's a girl cause a little guy might look ridiculous in flowery crocheted sandals.

Another request is a baby wrap carrier, I thought buying one was a good idea,
but looking online I see they might be cheap easy to make. 

I found these cute bibs, super easy and cute too!

So excited to start creating!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One week on a Disney Cruise, 
7 buffet breakfasts of oatmeal and fruit,
7 buffet lunches of...whatever looked good
7 served dinners including appetizer, entre and desert!

I've been home for exactly 4 days so...

But it was sooo much fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a sheet and other fabulous ideas!

It was my job to fold the laundry when I was growing up, 
you could bounce a penny off my bed cause I made a mean bed.  But...
it took me years to fold a fitted sheet the same way each time.  
Here are the instructions...
in living color.


was almost a spiritual experience when I saw it.
Look how neat and tidy all looks!
Fold your sheets (nicely of course) then store them in the pillowcase!!
Where have you been all my life!