Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Human foosball?

Our Young Women have been after us to play "human foosball" for some time now.  
Well, with the time change that allows for more daylight in the evening and since it was the girls turn to do the activity we decided that tonight was a good night.  So, we got about 8-12' lengths of pvc pipe, 4 beach balls and a bunch of youth together, there were 3-4 people on each pipe and they could only move right or left as a group,  and away we went.   The first group faced away from the goal, the next group faced that group,  etc. so that each group faced the other direction.  Just like the table game, they had to get the ball into the goal.    

 They had so much fun, see!

Paper dolls

You know me, I talk a big story and never get around to making anything. (although that is not true, I just forget to take pictures of what I make and then I have no proof they're mine! Ha!)  So while surfing my blogs I came across the most adorable paper dolls in the world.  When I was little my sister and I always had paper dolls, the kind you had to cut out and you accidentally cut off the tab that holds the dress on so then it hangs croocked, yea, those ones.  I found some online that you can personalize, print yourself of have them do it for you and you can even download more clothes! Talk about the invention of the decade, this is right up there with the microwave oven for heavens sake.  You can find them at Mini Me Paper Dolls.  I need a little girl to give them to, do you think my 14 year old would like them, she can put them away for when she has a little girl of her own, or maybe she and I could play with them now one day.  I'm getting some, today!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Divine Twine

I was shopping at Marshall's this week and saw some old style glass sugar pourers (the kind they had at restaurants when we were kids, you know before everyone was worried about germs) and remembered I had seen them used to hold divine twine here at Whisker Graphics,

which by the way is as divine as its name suggests, so of course I had the buy them all.  I went to the second hand store later in the day and found another one, except it was almost 3x's as much as a new one, why are second hand stores getting so expensive?  I also found this divine idea for a holder at
 Just Something I Made, she's very talented by the way.

While I was on a roll I also found the same glass holders but for drinking straws, you can only imagine how excited I was since I had just bought a plethora of stripped paper straws from Pebbles in My Pocket!  Oh how fun it is to be organized.  Please refer to my earlier post about my lack of photography skills and you'll see why you'll just have to use your imagination when it comes to the straw holder.

Paper hydrangea balls...

Look what I've been having fun doing lately.  Paper hydrangea balls from Whipperberry and they are so fun and time consuming easy to make, I watched a Netflix movie on my Mac while I worked on them.  
If I were a photographer (or remembered to
  take my pictures in the daytime when there is daylight!)
 I could show you how mine looked, I used a vanilla colour textured card stock with off white pearl pins from Michaels, don't forget to use your coupon.  Have I mentioned that I have a pretty sweet setup for craft and computing, thanks to my kids and my sister.  Whoo whoo!! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

A day late and a dollar short?

That's something my grandmother would have said, sounds appropriate though.  I'm a day late for 
St. Patrick's Day blogging but I just found these super fun soda bottle labels at Benign Objects.  
Just wish I had found them a few days ago... 

...there is always next year!  Gosh, I'm going to be so busy 'next year'.  Seriously though, can't you just imagine them with a cute tag and ribbon to hand out when you go visiting.