Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paper dolls

You know me, I talk a big story and never get around to making anything. (although that is not true, I just forget to take pictures of what I make and then I have no proof they're mine! Ha!)  So while surfing my blogs I came across the most adorable paper dolls in the world.  When I was little my sister and I always had paper dolls, the kind you had to cut out and you accidentally cut off the tab that holds the dress on so then it hangs croocked, yea, those ones.  I found some online that you can personalize, print yourself of have them do it for you and you can even download more clothes! Talk about the invention of the decade, this is right up there with the microwave oven for heavens sake.  You can find them at Mini Me Paper Dolls.  I need a little girl to give them to, do you think my 14 year old would like them, she can put them away for when she has a little girl of her own, or maybe she and I could play with them now one day.  I'm getting some, today!

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