Friday, November 11, 2011

More fun mail

I love sending thank-you's or hello's or whatever I can think of, especially if I can send it 
on something unusual.  
Today I had a thank-you note to send...this one on an old Wham record from the second hand store for $1.50!  I printed out my message on vinyl with my silhouette and stuck it on one side, then put the mailing address on the other side.  No packaging required!

Remember to mail it at the Post Office ($1.50), not a pack and ship place (lots of dollars)!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cupcakes in a jar

Doesn't that sound yummy, cupcakes in a jar!!  
When I mentioned it to friends they couldn't wrap their heads around a cupcake in a jar,
 its quite simple really.  Small canning jars work best, I think mine were the 8 oz. size. 
 Bake your cupcakes as usual, let them cool then cut them in half, put the bottom half in the bottom of the jar, pipe on some frosting then set the remaining cupcake on top of the frosting, pipe on more frosting,
 and viola!  A cupcake in a jar!
The only problem was everyone wanted to take their cupcake home and I wanted to keep the jars for making jam, they were really quite pretty to look at so return my jars anyway I don't blame them. 

I tied a plastic spoon to the jar with some bakers twine, a neat little package!

Check out Kiki Creates (one of my new favorite blogs) her recent posting is all about photography lighting, too bad I didn't read the blog before I tried to take a picture of my cupcakes in a dark kitchen with a flash!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A pretty rose

I have a backyard full of lovely roses that make me very happy to look at. 
When my sister came for a visit in August she snipped one and put it in this cute little dish. 
I just found the dish again and straight away went outside to snip another rose.
Its scent is heavenly, and no matter what, whenever I walk past it I have to bend down and smell it.

It's funny how a little thing can make someone so happy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Which tape holder to use...hmmm

I came up with a couple of tape holder ideas.  I went to my favorite second hand store and tried to think outside the box, but the box was really confining for some reason.  I did although find a great ornate mirror with my name all over it and when I asked the salesman if he "really wanted me to pay $4.99 for it"  he replied "yes, plus tax!"  Whatever!!!

Oh yea, I was talking about tape holders for my extensive washi tape collection.

 This sugar container works great.

This dowel and 3 1/2" finished wood works too.

So I kept them both!

Potato soup

Doesn't  a warm bowl of soup on a chilly Halloween Eve sound delicious!  It was!

I wanted to serve it in a pumpkin, but I was the only one who appreciated liked 
the pumpkin bowl.  It was truly delicious though, I promise!  
Then we had candy for desert, oh, and a wonderful cupcake from friend Brittanie!