Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homemade caramels

I was browsing through my favorite blogs today and I happened upon this caramel recipe on the Giverslog.

I've made homemade caramels once, it was actually very time consuming fun to do, 
so fun in fact I paid my friend to make them for me again the next time.  But really 
who doesn't love caramels. 
   I made regular caramels and black licorice caramels then wrapped them in parchment paper just right (cause that's the way I am) 
and put a small handful (cause that's all you need when they're wrapped) in super cute containers,
 then I favored my friends with them.  I think they liked me. 
 I like how she cut hers in long strips, that's what I'll do next time, because darn it, there will be a next time!

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