Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My new clothesline

Even as I begin writing this, I take a slow deep breath, eyes closed, smile on my face.  
I'm blogging today about my new clothesline.  Are you as happy as I am, cause I'm really happy! 
 I want to do laundry just so I can hang it outside, it smells soooo good and I feel...
like it's Earth Day every day.  Hey, I try to do my part and hand carry my purchases from Marshalls,
 but this, this is a whole new experience.

Actually I only hang the towels and dish cloths outside because my daughter would be mortified 
if I hung her "dainties" for the neighbors to see.  It's also a question whether or not 
to hang darks outside because our hot California sun would completely 
bleach the heck out of them.  So I'm left with going through the clean laundry 
and picking out the towels and tossing the rest in the dryer (now that's okay when you
 only have a few things to put in the dryer, takes less energy to dry a small load, right?)

Question #1:  How do you get your towels soft after drying them on the clothesline?

Question #2: Does it really matter?

If you look hard you can see my pink plastic flamingo peeking through the towels in the last picture,
 one of my latest acquisitions from Target. 
(I think it scares the gardener though)

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  1. Hey good idea! I want one! I think a scary flamingo sounds fun too.