Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make your own tea towels

I've noticed these on the internet a lot lately so I wanted to try it for myself. 
 I was a little worried that it was going to be a big mess
 but I was surprised at how easy and tidy it was.

You'll need Orange Wonder or Citrasolve, which I found at the health food store,  
  floursack kitchen towels (from Target), tape, cotton balls, a spoon and a reverse inkjet copy (ONLY) of what you are transferring.
I did a t shirt as well and I've seen it done on pillows, lampshades and purses.

1. Lay the item you want to transfer on, onto your hard work surface.
2. Tape your copied image face down onto your fabric.
3. Squeeze some Orange Wonder onto your cotton ball and gently spread it over your paper, you'll see the image coming through. 

4.  Rub with the back of your spoon over the image a few times.

5.  Lift a corner to see how it looks, keep rubbing if you want a deeper look.

6.  You're done.  
(it will dry quickly)

Now I have an almost full bottle of the best smelling cleaner in the whole worlthat takes stains out of nearly anything and does crafts too!


  1. Does it stay after you wah it a few times or does it wash out? Also, will it transfer whatever color you have on your paper and do you use just regular white paper?

  2. You use regular white paper that is printed from a laser printer only, a regular printer won't work. I don't know about other colors but I've been meaning to try. I washed the t shirt and towels, they did loose some of their dark but they are still fine.