Monday, July 25, 2011

Mackinac Island

So we spent 2 lovely days on Mackinac Island, I've always wanted to go since seeing the movie Somewhere In Time, so romantic!  We didn't think we would be able to get a hotel on the island with such short notice, why stay the night if you can't stay on the island?  We found a room in an old victorian house and it was expensive lovely and just what we'd hoped to find.  They don't allow cars on the island so you take a horse and buggy or ride bikes, we rented bikes and had a blast (even though we ended up doing some off roading to get to our hotel!)

 These little beauties were all along the beaches, of course I called them Inookchuks but here they're actually cairns and you're supposed to add a rock to them, they were all stacked 'just so' and everywhere!

See the little one out in the water?

 It was 8 miles around the island and we did it a couple of times, so peaceful.

 We kept riding by this old abandoned building, I wanted to go in for a look but it was impossible.

Our fabulous hotel, The Inn at Stonecliffe.

 Of course we had to visit the Grand Hotel from the movie and it was...grand!

The island was so full of history, I loved it!

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