Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas goodies

I've been doing a lot of Christmas baking these past few days including fudge.  

I found this cute treat idea on Eighteen25 last year and was bound and determined to make them this Christmas, here they are.
I used the Fudge recipe on the jar of Marshmallow Cream or you can use the recipe from Eighteen25 which is amazing!

 Boil butter, sugar and milk.

 Add marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, nuts and vanilla.

 Mix it all together till your hand hurts and your pot looks ... like this!

 Scoop it into your container of choice, I went here to get my my pie tins with lids.

Print and cut out the cute labels.  
Hand them to your friends and watch them say ooh and aah!

Then I made Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Whipperberry 
that I will hand out with my Christmas cookies.

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