Friday, June 24, 2011

Camp mail

Like I told you a few posts ago, my daughter is away at camp for two weeks.  They can only call home on Fridays so the camp wants us and them to relearn the lost are of letter writing, what a grand idea.  Only I have an even better idea...
 (well actually I need to thank Giverslog) I will send my letters on and in unusual things.
The first thing I sent was a plastic water bottle filled with goodies, that was great fun taking it to the post office, but a few days later when I brought in an 18" ball with a note saying "I hope you're having a BALL at camp" written right on it, now that was really fun! 
 Today I wrote her letter on a frisbee, I'm sure the man at the PO is waiting with bated breath for what I'll bring in next. 

The camp has an info page for parents with a daily blog and pictures of what's going on, 
the bottle made it onto the blog yesterday, so at least I know she got it!  
This is so fun I'll keep you updated,  I'm on my way to prepare the next letter.

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  1. You can mail things like that with out putting them in a box??