Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture frames

I happened across a garage sale on Saturday, what a surprise, the surprise was I only went to one!  That's because none of my peeps could go with me, garage sale'ing' isn't as much fun when you go alone.  But, I did bring home a couple of fun things, first is the ceiling medallion that cost me .99, I turned it into a cute frame for my bathroom.

I spray painted it and distressed it by rubbing on a dark wood stain then wiping the extra off,  I added a hanger then taped an old picture frame glass over the opening, I taped a piece of scrapbook paper over the glass, easy and it turned out really cute.

Then I found an old frame for another .99, spray painted it black and distressed it some with my hand sander, I spent a while stapling chicken wire to the back, it was hard scary working with the chicken wire because it's quite sharp, make sure to use proper wire snips and gloves, it's much easier that way.  My chin won't scar, I'm pretty sure (don't even ask)!  So when it's done you just use clothes pins to attach whatever you want to hang on it, notes, jewelry, hair stuff.  Ta da!

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