Monday, October 17, 2011

Las Vegas bound

       We had our Vegas adventure!  Our trip was planned so my older daughter would arrive at the airport ( from SLC) before our morning flight (from Ontario, CA) arrived and she would wait for us, then we'd all taxi to our hotel.  Well...on our drive to the airport at 5:00 am I called her to say hello but she didn't answer so I assumed she was already on the plane.  She called us as we were taxing into the Las Vegas airport that she had just woken up and she'd missed her flight, now lets see, she had purchased the Elton John tickets with her AmEx card, they were waiting for her at will call at Cesaers Palace and only she could pick them up!  I was imagining this fun filled weekend coming to a complete stop!  Luckily she flew standby on the next flight and we only spent 2 hours in the airport waiting for all turned out good!  
So good!

We ate dessert first, a lot!

 Delaney's only request was to go to the M&M Factory, which we did but we liked the Coke store  more.  Just after this picture the poler bear took a bite out of Macy's head, she looks so cute here but you should have seen the picture they got of her with most of her head in the bears mouth, I'm still laughing!!!!

Then we had to try the 16 flavors of soda from around the world. 
 I wouldn't recommend the ones that taste like toothpaste or battery acid funny.  

The pieces de resistance was an evening with Sir Elton John, we had wonderful seats and it was such a treat to listen to him, he's so very talented. I was lucky enough to sit beside a lovely 85 year old woman from Texas, she had brought along 11 of her family members and she rocked out the whole two hour concert, really! 
So you see, it was all good, thank you Macy and Delaney for humoring your mother and going to see Elton John with her!


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