Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall...I wish!!  
  I know I've already complained about the temperature but can I do it again, please, just for a little bit?
I'm doing some fall "therapy" with this post, humor me.

Do you know why leaves change colors in the fall?  Don't you just want to put on a sweater and walk through that forest just to hear the leaves crunch under your feet?

I am fascinated by these felted wool balls, so my next project is to make a garland using the tutorial at According to Kelly and I like the colors.

I'm also looking forward to printing out an autumn banner at Poppies at Play, because an autumn banner means it's almost Christmas, and it's cute besides.

And this makes me really happy, it's not actually fall but it is a photo I took on our holiday to Ontario this summer.  

I'm sorry friends but I can't appreciate the hot summers here in California, especially since I grew up knowing four seasons and wearing a knit sweater to the first day of school!
So when the stores start selling halloween things, and I start smelling cinnamon and wanting to burn my smelly candles, I know it's autumn, even if the temperature on my car reads 106!

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