Monday, August 22, 2011


I've done a blue post, so now it's time for white post.
I've decided that my kitchen needs to ease out of the khaki/red phase and into a white phase,  My cupboards are already white so I'll need to do a tiny drop of something to the white wall color to make a statement.  Keep in mind I've been wanting to paint for some months now, sooooo, it will be some months till I actually get around to doing it!

In the mean time I found lots of fabulous white "things" to look at.

How about this white room from Knox Design. 

I think everyone needs a white couch, wait a minute, let me think that over one more time.
You Are Talking Too Much will show you how she did it.

Make your own ruffled laundry bag at Freckled Laundry.

The Woods Family made a nice display with all white frames,  we can do that!

I love these curtains from The Shabby Creek Cottage
Love this...Vintage by Nina.

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  1. I love all white,it is so peaceful and
    fresh. I think your house is beautiful anyway you decorate it. Seriously,no joke.