Friday, October 1, 2010


I scrambled out of bed this morning, scrambled? Not really, my sister's alarm went off about 9 times, after the first 5 times I was annoyed, who reaches over to hit the snooze button 9 times! Love that girl! We went for a long bike ride through the very old and wonderful cemetery behind her house, we even found headstones from 1820, way cool. That makes 2 days of some sort of exercise, I'm a bad doggy because I always do 5 days a week at home, don't tell my trainer!!! I have a whole bag of Canadian chocolate sitting beside my suitcase waiting to pack and I haven't eaten one yet, I'm very proud of myself, but it will eventually happen. Before I leave for home I have to pick up a few "necessities" which include baby Dove soap, gum with sugar not aspartame and more Canadian chocolate, Lisa wants to know if we should stop and get me my own set of fuzzy nose and glasses:) I told her I think I would be okay without them.

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